IRMimic2 Compatibility List

IRMimic2 uses the same basic algorithm as IRMimic, so it should work with the same equipment

I only list units that have actually been tested. The following products and their remote controls have been tested with IRMimic2 with good results:

  • Denon Home Theatre Receiver, Model AVR-2800
  • Magnavox CD Player, Model CDB-650
  • Panasonic 27" TV, Model CT-27SF26
  • Panasonic VCR, Model PV-4461
  • Rotel CD Player, Model RCD-971 (NEC format)

In the course of testing, the following equipment was found to be incompatible with IRMimic2:

None tested so far, but since these didn't work with IRMimic, they probably won't work with IRMimic2 either:

  • Zenith 20" TV, Mfd Dec 1992, Model SJ2071W  (no response, might be unusual carrier freq)
  • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 Cable Box (no response, carrier freq measured as about 56 KHz)



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