IR High Fidelity Remote Volume Controller Chip with LCD support 


  • Controls up to six TI PGA2310/2320 chips/twelve audio channels 
  • Trainable - use it with a remote that you already have
  • Optional 16 character by 1 line LCD module can be used to display volume and status
  • Volume of each channel can be offset +/- 12.5 dB.  Offsets are stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • Two code versions now available - full gain (original) version, and 0dB maximum master gain version
  • Dedicated Power and Balance Set outputs
  • Mute function
  • Five additional output signals can be configured as input selects or general-purpose toggles
  • In addition to IR control, three pushbutton inputs are supported:  Volume Up, Volume Down, Power On/Off
  • Local volume control can be either Up/Down momentary pushbuttons or a rotary encoder
  • LED flashes when enabled IR command is received
  • Operates from +/-15 volts DC
  • Low power operation
  • Kit w/pc board available for easy implementation. (All through-hole components for easy assembly.)

Now you can enjoy the excellent audio performance of TI's PGA2310/2320 chips, and the convenience of IR remote control.  New IRVC2 chip combines a Learning IR remote control recognizer with the logic needed to control TI's high-performance digital volume control IC. 

IRVC2 six channel board This photo shows a fully populated (six channel) IRVC2 pc board.  A second board can be added to control up to 12 channels if needed.  IR sensor and Learn PB switch can be seen near lower left corner.  TO-92 5 volt regulator is at top left corner of pc bd.  IRVC2 pc board is 3.8" x 2.5".





If space for the IR receiver is tight, use our RS2 pc bd for just the IR receiver and its bypass capacitor, and connect it to the main pc board with a small ribbon cable:

Vishay IR module mounted on Remote Sensor2 pc board

About maximum gain setting: Someone recently suggested that the maximum setting of the master volume (gain) before channel offsets are applied should be limited to 0dB to prevent overloading downstream equipment.  As a result, I now have two versions of the code available.  The original version allows setting the master volume to any value from 0-255, while the new version limits the master volume value to 192 (0dB).  Please specify which version you want when you order.

Prices (not including small per-order S&H fee):

IRVC2 Chip  - $14.95
(chip is programmed, with code protect bit set). 
Please specify whether or not you want "volume/gain limit" code version (see above paragraph).
Please download chip data sheet , sample schematic diagram, and parts list

PC-IRVC2 blank pc board  - $26.95
Please download chip data sheet, assembly instructions, schematic diagram, parts list, and parts placement guide

PC-RS2 blank PC board - $0.95
Includes 8" 3-conductor ribbon cable. PC-RS2 is approx 0.5" by 0.9", with a single mounting hole.  Allows mounting Vishay IR receiver and electrolytic bypass capacitor remotely from main IRVC2 pc board, in case that is needed.  Please download parts placement guide.

Note: All parts needed to populate pc board, except the IRVC2 chip, can be purchased at either or

PC-IRVC2 Kit - $44.95
Please specify whether or not you want "volume/gain limit" code version (see above paragraph).
Includes IRVC2 Chip, PC-IRVC2 pc board, and all components needed to populate just the control portion of the board - ANALOG SECTION COMPONENTS AND PGA CHIPS ARE NOT INCLUDED. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY THEM YOURSELF. 12" J2 and J3 (NOT J1) ribbon cables and female connectors for PC-IRVC2 board end are included. Please download chip data sheet, assembly instructions, schematic diagram, parts list, and parts placement guide.

PC-IRVC2SB Kit - $30.95
Includes PC-IRVC2 pc board, and components needed to add a second board for more channels - ribbon cable, connectors, voltage regulator, etc.  ANALOG SECTION COMPONENTS FOR SECOND BOARD ARE NOT INCLUDED.

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility whatsoever for the use and/or implementation thereof, or the misuse leading to damage to equipment, property, or life, caused by the above circuits.



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