IR High Fidelity Remote Volume Controller Chip 


  • Controls up to four TI PGA2310 chips/eight audio channels 
  • Trainable - use it with a remote that you already have
  • Volume of each channel can be offset +/- 12.5 dB.  Offsets are stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • Dedicated Power and Balance Set outputs
  • Mute function
  • Five additional output signals can be configured as input selects or general-purpose toggles
  • In addition to IR control, three pushbutton inputs are supported:  Volume Up, Volume Down, Power On/Off
  • LED flashes when enabled IR command is received
  • Operates from 5 volts DC
  • Low power operation
  • Kit w/pc board available for easy implementation. (All through-hole components for easy assembly.)

Now you can enjoy the excellent audio performance of TI's new PGA2310 chip, and the convenience of IR remote control.  New IRVC chip combines a Learning IR remote control recognizer with the logic needed to control TI's high-performance digital volume control IC.  IRVC can also be used with the CS3310 chip from Crystal Semiconductor.

IRVC assembled kitThis photo shows a populated IRVC pc board.  IR sensor and Learn PB switch can be seen near top right corner.  TO-92 5 volt regulator is at top right corner of pc bd.





If space for the IR receiver is tight, use our RS2 pc bd for just the IR receiver and its bypass capacitor, and connect it to the main pc board with a small ribbon cable:

Vishay IR module mounted on Remote Sensor2 pc board

Prices (not including small per-order S&H fee):

IRVC Chip  - $14.95
(chip is programmed, with code protect bit set)
Please download chip data sheet , sample schematic diagram, and parts list

PC-IRVC blank pc board  - $9.95
Please download chip data sheet, assembly instructions, schematic diagram, parts list, and parts placement guide

PC-RS2 blank PC board - $0.95
Includes 8" 3-conductor ribbon cable. PC-RS2 is approx 0.5" by 0.9", with a single mounting hole.  Allows mounting Vishay IR receiver and electrolytic bypass capacitor remotely from main IRVC pc board, in case that is needed.  Please download parts placement guide.

Note: All parts needed to populate pc board, except the IRVC chip and the Vishay IR receiver module, can be purchased at The IR receiver can be purchased at Of course, the easiest way to get going is to purchase one of our complete kits.

IRVC Kit - $29.95
Includes IRVC Chip, PC-IRVC pc board, and all components needed to populate board, 12" ribbon cable and female connector for PC-IRVC board end. Please download chip data sheet, assembly instructions, schematic diagram, parts list, and parts placement guide. Note: You will need to connect this board to either one or more TI PGA2310 chips or one or more CS3310 chips to implement a working volume control.  These parts are not on the IRVC pc board and are not included in the kit.

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility whatsoever for the use and/or implementation thereof, or the misuse leading to damage to equipment, property, or life, caused by the above circuits.



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