For additional information concerning our products, or to place an order,

please e-mail me at:

When contacting me, please refer to the specific product you are interested by the name used on this website.  Please do not refer to the part number of the PIC chip, as the same type of chip is used for several products.  Please don't use vague terms like "one item".  Specify whether you want the complete kit, just the chip, or whatever.

When emailing to ask about ordering, tell me where you are located, so that I can give you a shipping cost.

Due to the Covid19 situation, I am not going to the post office as often as I used to.   This may cause a few days of delay in shipment.  Also, I am not as careful as I once was about maintaining my parts inventory, so sometimes I may have to order a few items before I can ship a kit.  

Note: I am currently accepting Paypal payments.   Personal checks and US Postal service money orders are also OK from US customers.  Please contact me for details.

Please DO NOT send any payment until I have informed you of the postage amount and payment details.

Note: Please DO NOT ask me to understate the value of an item in order to avoid customs fees.   I ship many items to many places and need to stay in good standing..


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