Firmware/EPROM images for MemoryMoog Plus Synthesizer

In case anyone is looking for Version 4.1 of the firmware for a MemoryMoog Plus synthesizer, here is an archive containing it.   This synth uses four TMS2513 EPROMs, which have a non-standard pinout.  Many programmers don't support them.  You can't program them using a 2732 setting, although you may be able to use some sort of adapter to program them.   My GQ-3X  USB programmer from MCU Mall can program them just fine.

The standard 4.1 firmware is always in MIDI OMNI mode.  If you would prefer to not be in OMNI mode, I have created a version of the code that is patched to check the MIDI channel.  Only two of the four EPROMs were changed (U3 and the sequencer/MIDI one).  Here is an archive with the four images.   This code is currently set to look for MIDI channel 6.   This selection is hard-coded and cannot be set using the synthesizer controls.   You can change it by changing one byte in the EPROM image before programming the chip.  In the sequencer/MIDI EPROM, starting at offset 0xFC3, you should see:

0xFE, 0x05, 0xC2

The 05 byte corresponds to MIDI channel 6.   Change that byte to any value between 00 and 0F to select MIDI channel 1-16.

  Please note: Taking a MemoryMoog Plus apart and replacing the EPROMs must be done very carefully, or damage to the synthesizer could result.  It should only be attempted by someone familiar with this type of work.  I will not be responsible for any damage to any instrument caused by either proper or improper use of the code offered here.  


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