ARP Omni-2 Service Manual

Here are scans of the manual (large size due to scan quality):

       Main Text  (Theory of operation and parts lists)

Upper Voicing Schem Sht 1 Left Right

Upper Voicing Schem Sht 2 Left Right

Upper Voicing Layout Left Right

Lower Voicing Schem Sht 1 Left Right

Lower Voicing Schem Sht 2 Left Right

Lower Voicing Schem Sht 3 Left Right

Lower Voicing Layout All

Synth Schem Layout

Phaser Schem Left Right Layout

Synth Control Schem Layout Left Middle Right

Synth Control Switches Schem Layout

String Control Schem Layout Left Right

String Control Switches Schem Layout

Bass Voice Schem Left Right Layout Left Right

Power Supply Schem Layout

Block Diagram Left Right

Cabling Diagram

Front and back panel descriptions Left Right

Connection Diagram

Here is one page from the Omni Service Manual which explains how to adjust R33.  Somehow this information was left out of the Omni-2 Service Manual.  Note: The rest of the settings on this page are also in the Omni-2 manual, and may be different, so it's safer to use the version in the Omni-2 manual.  (The phaser clock frequencies are a little different, for example)

(Schematics were scanned at 360 DPI, grayscale, to make them readable.  PCB layouts were scanned in color at 200DPI

Here is a link to a schematic that I captured for the Phaser board in my ARP Omni-2 synthesizer.  It's pretty much  the same as the one in the manual, but a few component values appear to have been changed.  Note: The phaser used in the original Omni is a different design.

Here are some notes on repairing my Omni-2 synthesizer.



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